SPINAR AMERICA develops SaaS (Software as a service) Industry 4.0 platforms and custom products powering next generation 

Augmented / Virtual Reality, Spinar America drives successes by developing experiences that help F500 companies change the world. We pride ourselves on being a premium software factory for our partners.

Spinar America is a software factory with three primary offerings:

  • SaaS platforms to focus on urgent industrial uses and needs velocity and ramp time.
  • Custom products to meet specific customer requirements product usage and ROI

We have created SaaS platforms to address the constant need for industry to improve operating efficiencies, REMOTE VISION delivers.

To provide safe working environments for all employees, TERMOLYTICS anticipates and provides. And to gather with industry and stakeholders digitally, XPONECT is the answer.

Remote Vision™ provides an ‘expert’ direct visual contact with any field agent anywhere in the world. Remote Vision is the most innovative, comprehensive, user friendly, hands free, remote assistance platform available globally through Epson Seiko ‘Moverio.’ Remote Vision provides easy to use audio, visual, design and chat engagement and support via Zoom for F500 industrial teams worldwide quickly and efficiently by providing:

  • A completely disruptive business model
  • Highly advanced SaaS platform
  • Self orienting innovative capabilities and use
  • Scalability and diverse in-company usages
  • 5 years of Moverio collaboration
  • Profuse user data dashboard

Termolytics™ provides industrial partners first line defense against Covid based employee illness. 

Termolytics is a SaaS (Software as a service) solution  that renders thermal and IP cameras with the ability to extract, digest, store, connect, contextualize and analyze information the cameras capture autonomously in real time. Termolytics workswith advanced neural networks, combining computer vision, machine learning and artificial intelligence. Features include;

  • Temperature detection
  • EPP compliance
  • Age and gender approximation
  • ‘Badged’ personnel authorization
  • Time of day
  • Dashboard with web analytics
  • Streaming cameras from web panel
  • Notifications via text/what’s app
  • Centralized multi-locational dashboard



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