SPINAR AMERICA is developing SaaS (Software as a service) Industry 4.0 platforms and custom products powering next generation Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality / Artificial Intelligence.

Spinar America drives successes by developing experiences that help F500 companies change the world. We pride ourselves on being a premium software factory for our partners.

Remote Vision™ provides an ‘expert’ direct visual contact with any field agent anywhere in the world. Remote Vision is the most innovative, comprehensive, user friendly, hands free, remote assistance platform available globally through Real Wear, Epson ‘Moverio’ and Android phones. 

Remote Vision provides easy to use audio, visual, design and chat engagement and support via Zoom for F500 industrial teams worldwide quickly and efficiently by providing:

  • “Easiest to use” remote assistance tool in the market.*
  • Simple: switch on, connect, start working.
  • Time reduction and costs of travelling.
  • Scalability and diverse in-company usages.
  • Complete user data dashboard.

ProtoMesh (Beta development SaaS)

  • Platform for 3D multi-user VR engagement.
  • Companies and individuals worldwide collaborate with 360° co-presence interactions and tools.
  • Make meetings more meaningful and engaged
  • Future work.

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