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Spin Augmented/Virtual Reality

Through our generic Augmented Reality App spinar+, we offer content administration services and creation of Augmented Reality Experiences. Using spinar+ Augmented Reality function, you will be able to recognize images such as logos, physical products, tags, magazines, etc. and overlap virtual elements to them, such as: videos, music, 3D models and animations, video games, interactive graphics, random promotions, and all digital elements you can think of. With spinar+, we offer More Communication, More Interaction, More Impact!

Last Update

  • 8 of the Top 10 Tech Companies in the World are Invested in VR/AR
    Since Facebook acquired Oculus back in 2014, the virtual reality landscape is truly taking off with a new major company joining the fray seemingly every month. With yesterday’s not-too-surprising find that Amazon is jumping into VR it seems that an overwhelming majority of tech giants are poised to help define...
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Latest projects

  • CHALLENGE: TIME Special Edition magazine produces iconic booklets focusing on the world’s most important issues and people. Spinar America was chosen to develop and Augmented...
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  • CHALLENGE: Pepsi produces an annual event for its Top 200 North America partners to demonstrate its market leadership and new technology vision. Augmented Reality (AR)...
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  • CHALLENGES: Sikorsky Innovations conducts an annual Entrepreneurial Challenge and is designed to accelerate innovations and disruptive technology concepts with applications for the vertical flight market....
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Mobile Application Development, iOS and Android.


Leaders in the development and application of Augmented Reality in Mexico and South America.


Virtual Reality pioneers in Mexico and South America.


We create your technology business strategy.
social networking, SEO, Web Page, Applications, etc.