What is Augmented Reality ?

Augmented reality (AR) is the term used to define a vision through a technological device directly or indirectly, of a physical real-world environment whose elements are combined with virtual elements to create a mixed reality in real time.

Augmented Reality… Is it for me ?

Augmented Reality is flexible and can adapt to large scale everything we use in our daily lives, for better orientation please contact us.

Can I use AR on any device ?

Augmented Reality can be used today on any device, the only detail that we could prevent this function is the quality of content, content Excellent quality requires advanced processors so that the margin of support is reduced if we want to obtain maximum compatibility we require to be moderate in the quality of the effects of AR.

What is Virtual Reality ?

Virtual reality is an environment of scenes and lifelike objects, generated by computer technology, the user creates the feeling of being immersed in it. Such an environment is contemplated by the user through a device usually known as glasses or virtual reality helmet. This may be accompanied by other devices such as gloves or special suits that allow greater interaction with the environment and the perception of different stimuli that enhance the sense of reality.

Virtual Reality… Is it for me ?

Like Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality can be attached to different sectors so we recommend you contact us to discuss your project in detail and provide insight into application.

What is a CardBoard ?

Start with google, hence the Google CardBoard, used to carry your cell where virtual reality is turned on, and thanks to this "cardboard" can get an amazing diving experience.

Many businesses have been creating their own version of cardboard, but thanks to the simplicity and especially the cost of a Google Cardboard, these are still the leaders and the daily reference to mean a viewer inexpensive, accessible and functional Virtual Reality.

Epson Moverio ?

Glasses Moverio BT-200 is equipped with advanced technology, which allows for the most of applications Augmented Reality (AR) or enjoy 3D content and high definition, both at home and elsewhere. The BT-200, the only smart glasses transparent binoculars and affordable market, exploit the full potential of augmented reality for consumers and businesses.