Low-cost headsets

Devices that have slashed the cost of virtual reality, and transformed its performance, have implications for scientists as well as gamers. Researchers who are experimenting with the head-mounted displays say that they have the potential to find widespread use as a research tool. Virtual reality (VR), which lets users experience…


Cardboard Go International

Google’s lightweight VR headsets start selling outside of the U.S. Like Facebook and Samsung, Google is taking a big bet on virtual reality. The company established a virtual reality division within the company, and it has seen early progress of its virtual reality viewer for Android phones, Cardboard. On Thursday, the Mountain…


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Barack Obama Is Back and Reminding Us What a President Looks Like.

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Mark Zuckerberg sets a new goal: 1 billion people using virtual reality #VR #virtualreality #facebook #gaming

The Secret to Getting Whatever YOU want - #Sales #SocialSelling on @LinkedIn

"Nothing is more expensive than a missed opportunity." - H. Jackson Brown

RT If you think the Bushes, Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton & Barack Obama should make a joint statement calling on Racist Trump to resign..

Decide what you want, believe you can have it, believe you deserve it, believe it's possible for you!

He’s Not Fit To Run This Country… PERIOD!!

BREAKING: Native American Council Offers Amnesty to 240 Million Undocumented Whites

Here's an Idea...

Let's Shut off Power & Clean Water to The White House & Lock Trump In It Until Puerto Rico's Power and Water is Restored.

Nada se olvida más despacio que una ofensa; y nada más rápido que un favor.

Asaltan a Franco Escamilla en CdMx; publica video y se burla Estamos hundidos mexicanos‼️No hay control.

Hoy es el día de Ada Lovelace, la primera programadora de la historia, que vivió en el siglo XIX #Ordenadores

How to optimize your energy levels for success #mindset #LOA

Let's Contact Obama and ask him if He's avail to take over a 4 yr contract position? The current guy is 9 mo. in & he just isn't working out

North Korea is Expected to Test Fire a Missile this evening.

Am I the Only One Afraid that Trump will start WWIII and I won't wake up?

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