Low-cost headsets

Devices that have slashed the cost of virtual reality, and transformed its performance, have implications for scientists as well as gamers. Researchers who are experimenting with the head-mounted displays say that they have the potential to find widespread use as a research tool. Virtual reality (VR), which lets users experience…


Cardboard Go International

Google’s lightweight VR headsets start selling outside of the U.S. Like Facebook and Samsung, Google is taking a big bet on virtual reality. The company established a virtual reality division within the company, and it has seen early progress of its virtual reality viewer for Android phones, Cardboard. On Thursday, the Mountain…


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Domino's invierte 65 mdp en su app para ir por millennials

Market analysts see a coming boom in virtual and augmented reality

Genesis owner's manuals now provided through augmented reality app

Hyundai Gives Genesis Owners A Taste Of Augmented Reality

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General Tech - @spinarplus - Elon Musk's promises about self-driving Teslas might have been overblown

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PSFK: Say Hello To The First Augmented Reality Messaging Platform

Changing the Way Surgeons Operate with #MixedReality #TechTrends @HoloLens @Microsoft @ProximieAR @simlearn

Here Are 10 Kinds of Apps That Could Make AR the Killer Feature on the Next #iPhone i.e. AR Tape Measure 👍

El Martearena será el primer estadio con realidad aumentada en Latinoamérica @spinarplus

I hope the next iPhone actually comes in this ugly pinkish bronze vía @Verge

MUST READ: Why is ARKit better than the alternatives?

Microsoft @HoloLens and Insider Chiefs Suggest #Smartglasses will Replace Smartphones #MixedReality #MR #AR

Market analysts see a coming boom in virtual and augmented reality vía @CNET

Rosy futures predicted for global augmented reality and virtual reality market - WhaTech

Intel “eliminates” wearables division to focus on augmented reality via @rww

Necesito donadores de sangre tipo O- para mi papá a quien interné ayer martes...
Ya no es grave, solo que perdiò...

Merge Cube augmented reality toy debuts at Walmart via @VentureBeat

Apple's Approach to Augmented Reality Could Change the Litigation Landscape via @lawyerist

Neta de mis programas favoritos con @Walter_Riso no se pierdan @netas_divinas

La mejor venganza frente a un ex que te te hizo la vida insufrible es ser feliz #WalterRiso #FelizNoche

"No hay hombre más desdichado que el que nunca probó la adversidad",
Demetrio de Falerea, filósofo griego

Supersized Augmented Reality Tesla Model 3 - Video

This is how Apple's ARKit is about to change how everyone uses the iPhone via @Mashable

#AugmentedReality and Its Potential Effect on Education: via @iamwire

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